Yale UNICEF is comprised of Yale students with a wide array of backgrounds, interests, and talents—all of whom are united by their love for children.


    ​Yale UNICEF is a member group of the United Nations International Children’s Fund Campus Initiative that aims to raise awareness about children’s issues—including poverty, development, safety, rights, health, education, and inclusion in their communities. Additionally, Yale UNICEF strives to contribute to efforts made on behalf of children both locally and internationally. Yale UNICEF hopes to inspire and empower members of the Yale community by providing them with both opportunities and tools to engage in student leadership, activism, and community service work on behalf of children worldwide.


    Yale UNICEF holds fundraising and advocacy events throughout the school year. Additionally, we have been expanding our involvement in the local New Haven community. While our events and programs vary every semester, below are some of our staples that you can look out for throughout the year!

    Arts for Healing


    A new connection with Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, small groups of Yale UNICEF members volunteer in the Pediatric Emergency Waiting Room twice a month to provide arts and craft activities to patients and their families. This is our first community outreach program, started last year, that we hope to expand as more students get involved. 


    Interested in volunteering? Please contact danielle.stamer@yale.edu

    Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

    October/Early November

    Yale UNICEF continues the tradition of Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF (collecting change instead of candy) on campus in a variety of ways. From dorm trick-or-treating to hosting Halloween parties to collecting change from local stores, we love to get into the spirit of Halloween and raise money for UNICEF at the same time. 

    Tap Project


    Joining UNICEF's efforts to advocate for access to clean and safe water for all children, Yale UNICEF gets the word out about the Tap Project on campus. In more recent years, UNICEF has developed an app where for every 10 minutes you don't use your phone, a child is provided 1 day of clean water. Yale UNICEF has hosted "Anti-Study Breaks," during which we offer a quiet place for students to study during busy midterm season and not get distracted by their phones that are set aside to raise funds for UNICEF through the app.


    Check out the app here: http://tap.unicefusa.org/

  • TEAM

    Harland Dahl


    Harland is a junior majoring in Political Science with a Global Health & Development focus. On campus, Harland is involved with the Yale International Relations Association, the Global Health Review, and the Political Violence FieldLab. This summer, she worked for the Population Foundation of India, an NGO working in the areas of women's rights, child health, and population policy. This year, Harland hopes to strengthen UNICEF's ties to the New Haven community and increase the reach of its yearly conference.

    Jason Doukakis


    Jason is a junior from Athens, Greece, double majoring in Political Science and History. Jason has been part of Yale UNICEF since his freshman year at yale, and he's very excited be heading the UNICEF team with Harland this year. Jason is very interested in international law - he currently works as an intern for Lawyers Without Borders and aspires to attend law school after graduation. He enjoys playing the classical piano, learning foreign languages, spending time with friends.

    Sophia Catsambi

    Advocacy Director

    Sophia is a sophomore in Berkeley College, possibly majoring in History or Global Affairs. She is passionate about human rights and especially children's rights and has focused on those interests on Yale's campus through her participation in Yale UNICEF and Yale DCI her freshman year. As Advocacy Director, she hopes to lead several major awareness campaigns in cooperation with other Yale organizations. She is very excited to be part of UNICEF this year!

    Samantha Coury

    Community Outreach Director

    Samantha is a Yale freshman interested in studying chemistry and computer science. Before coming to Yale, she divided her time between working in a medical synthesis laboratory and teaching children in her hometown. As the Community Outreach Director, she hopes to build a stronger relationship between Yale UNICEF, Yale's students, and children in need in New Haven and beyond. She is excited to be part of the UNICEF team!

    Cindy Nguyen

    Conference Director

    Cindy is a sophomore in Silliman majoring in Sociology - Health & Society. She has always been especially passionate about children's rights in the healthcare system, and through her work last year as a Yale UNICEF Conference Coordinator, she was able to expand upon my interests in and service for the youth community. She is excited to continue raising awareness on campus of children's issues and increasing student involvement in Yale UNICEF endeavors!

    Metincan Suran

    Conference Director

    Mentincan is a Yale sophomore from Turkey in Jonathan Edwards College. He is looking forward to expanding the scope of the annual UNICEF conference this year and having the opportunity to bring together global experts in children's rights with Yale students as well as students from other institutions. Metincan's interest in Yale UNICEF stems from his experience with Syrian children in refugee camps in his hometown in Turkey, where he has served for the past four years.

    Anya Malik

    Finance Director

    Anya is a sophomore in Morse, and she plans to major in Math and Economics. She is so excited to work with this year's incredible team as the board's Finance Director. Apart from UNICEF, she is the Publicity Chair and Head of Outreach for Yale HSC, Treasurer for Yale DCI, on the ISO Political Council, and a sub at the Morse buttery. In her free time, she loves to swim, hike and travel. She is so excited to be back at Yale for another year of exploring New Haven (and hopefully more of New York too)!

    Beatriz Cabrita

    Fundraising Director

    Beatriz is a sophomore double majoring in Chemistry and Economics. She joined Yale UNICEF as a fundraising coordinator her freshman fall, and helped raise funds and organize events throughout the year. She serves a similar role in the International Students Organization. She lived in Swaziland for seven years before Yale, and through community service and community interaction, she developed a passion in children’s rights and healthcare, and hopes to raise awareness and exposure to these issues on campus.

    Yondeen Sherpa

    Publicity Director

    Yondeen is a Yale junior from Nepal. She is a Global Affairs major, and this is her second year at Yale UNICEF - she was the Fundraising Director last year. This year she is serving as Publicity Director. UNICEF is an amazing organization and she has witnessed all the good it has done in Nepal. In her free time, she likes to binge watch stuff, binge read stuff, write songs/sing and spend time with friends!

    Genna Abele

    Advocacy Coordinator

    Genna is a Yale sophomore from Palos Verdes, California. She loves working with children and hopes to give a voice to the most vulnerable. As Advocacy Director, she is dedicated to raising awareness of the challenges children face in the world today, and she’s passionate about working to develop innovative solutions to give every child the opportunity to succeed in life.

    Robert Brinkmann

    Advocacy Coordinator

    Robert is a freshman in Davenport College. He is interested in educational practice and policy, and spent his gap year before college working at an educational NPO in Johannesburg. As an Advocacy Coordinator at Yale UNICEF, he hopes to champion wider access to educational resources for low-income students.

    Antonia Seyfarth

    Advocacy Coordinator

    Antonia is a Yale freshman in Berkeley college. She is an international student from Germany and is very passionate about advocating for children's rights and refugee rights. She is excited to work as an Advocacy Coordinator with Yale UNICEF to raise awareness for children's rights issues on campus and beyond!

    Tsedenya Simmie

    Advocacy Coordinator

    Tsedenya is a freshman from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At Yale, Tsedenya hopes to double major in MCDB and HSHM. Eventually, she wants to work in the field of public health. She plans to focus on international health projects and health initiates at home. On campus, she is part of Yale African Students Association, Yale UNICEF, Dance Works, and UIC.

    Juliana Fan

    Outreach Coordinator

    Juliana is a freshman in Trumbull College hoping to follow the pre-med track. UNICEF is one the first organizations she has joined at Yale, and she is very excited to raise awareness of issues affecting children around the world. In her free time, she likes to write poetry and watch Netflix. She is very excited to be working with Yale UNICEF!

    Tasnim Mollah

    Outreach Coordinator

    Tasnim is a pre-med sophomore hoping to major in Political Science or Global Affairs. She is passionate about global child health, development, and education and is thrilled to be a part of Yale UNICEF as a community outreach coordinator. She wants to use her position in this community and the resources that are available to her to address the issues concerning access to basic human facilities and healthcare for children in underprivileged communities.

    Danielle Stamer

    Outreach Coordinator

    Dani is a premed senior majoring in biomedical engineering, and she is excited to continue being part of Yale UNICEF this year! She works closely with Arts for Healing at Yale New Haven Hospital. Dani has always cared for the wellbeing of children, thus making UNICEF a perfect opportunity to reach out to the children in the local community and the world. Outside of school, Danielle can found running, drawing, watching a (good) movie, or telling a corny joke!

    Diana Woodward

    Outreach Coordinator

    Diana is a sophomore at Yale. She is most dedicated to children's education and literacy. She has explored these interests during her summers working at a preschool and a nonprofit early childhood education center. At Yale, she hopes to get students involved in advocating for children's rights in the community and beyond!

    Rachel Jaber Chehayeb

    Conference Coordinator

    Rachel is a freshman in Stiles. Coming to Yale from Lebanon, Rachel is very passionate about refugee rights and education in particular. Back in high school, Rachel has worked with Syrian refugees and was a member of the Lebanese Red Cross Youth. She is very excited to be a conference coordinator this year.

    Akila Shanmugham

    Conference Coordinator

    Akila is a freshman interested in evolutionary biology and English literature. She is happy to continue Yale UNICEF's tradition of fostering strong relationships with the New Haven community. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, paddle-boarding, writing, and eating platefuls of Yale's Mac and Cheese.

    Odette Wang

    Conference Coordinator

    Odette is currently a freshman in Branford considering a major in Sociology. She believes that education is so important in the lives of all children. She is so excited to be organizing a campus-wide event on children's rights as a Conference Coordinator this year! Outside of academics, I love to make art, read, run, and travel.

    Ruhi Manek

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Ruhi is a freshman in Morse college from Kenya. She is currently undecided and therefore very eager to see where her academic interests take her. She cannot wait to meet and work with people who share the same passion as she does about children and service. Outside of Yale UNICEF, she loves to spend her time at the Yale Women's Center or playing with dogs, dance, SLEEP, travel, take random videos of my friends and eat Morse pizza.

    Miguel Lepe

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Miguel is a sophomore majoring in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Having worked with children on the autism spectrum, both in and out of the laboratory, he wants to go into neuroscience and carry out autism research on a clinical level. As a Yale UNICEF Fundraising Coordinator, he plans on expanding his passion for children’s health by raising funds and awareness for children’s health issues, especially access to clean water.

    Kevin Truong

    Tech Coordinator

    Kevin Truong is a freshman in Silliman. He is a prospective electrical engineering and computer science major. He got involved with UNICEF during his sophomore year of high school, and he has been passionate about the organization ever since! Outside of Yale UNICEF, se is also a part of the Yale Concert Band, Bulldogs Racing, Yale Precision Marching Band, and Cerebral Adikts.


    Check out a recap of the conference on the Yale Child Study Center's Formative Childhood and Peace Building site.

    Dr. Nicholas Alipui Keynote Address

    Former Director and Adviser for UNICEF's Post-2015 Development Agenda

    In his address, Dr. Alipui stresses the commitment of the international community to the cause of ECD by citing the Convention of the Rights of the Child as the most rapidly ratified convention in history. He also remarks on the need for a universal agenda for prioritizing ECD.

    Yale UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child PSA - 2016

    Created by the Yale UNICEF Advocacy Team

    This video was created with the purpose of promoting the US Government to sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international convention that protects essential rights that children all around the world should be granted. As of today, only two countries have not signed the Convention: the US and South Sudan. This video features a class of bilingual 5th/6th graders at the Fair Haven School in New Haven, all of whom are newcomers (0-10 months) from Spanish-speaking places (Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic). We want to thank both the

    children and their teacher, David Weinreb, for their help and cooperation in making this video.







    • Richard Skolnik, Professor of Global Health at Yale University
    • Deidre Moskoff, Humphrey Fellow (South Africa) at Syracuse University
    • Rami Nakhla, Syrian Activist and Yale World Fellow
    • Andrew Beer, Board of Directors for UNICEF USA



    • Dr. Stephanie Goins, Executive Program Director of Love146
    • Dr. Monzer Yazji, Founding Member of the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations
    • Dr. Ehsan Hoque, Founder and Executive Director of Distressed Children and Infants International



    • Ishmael Beah, Founder of the Ishmael Beah Foundation
    • Nicholas Rees, Policy Analysis Specialist at UNICEF New York HQs
    • Joanne Goldblum, Founder and Executive Director of National Diaper Bank Network
    • Cheryl Perera, Founder and President of One Child Network and Support Systems Inc. 
    • Dr. Joan Kaufman, Director of Child and Adolescent Research and Education (C.A.R.E) at Yale School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry






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